Three Grant Brothers


We are three brothers, Derek, Paul, and Frank.
We have had several people ask us why three of us keep one journal instead of each of us keeping a journal of our own. We do it this way because we like it like this way. All three of us keep personal journals. None of us have the time to keep our own journal, but the three of us do fairly well at keeping up this way.
Facts about us.
I am Derek.. I am 22. Paul 21 Frank 20 We are the three oldest of eleven children: six girls and two more boys. Our mother is an only child of older parents but our father is number six of ten boys all who live in our town or on the family farm. We have 9 aunts and 9 uncles,40 first cousins, 10 first cousins in law, 46 first cousins once removed, 11 first cousins once removed in law, 31 second cousins, 5 second cousins in law and 13 second cousins once removed. Cousins will be discussed in the journal.
The three of us live together in a house left to me by our mother's parents. This is just for now, but it works very well for us at this time in our lives. I manage my uncle's used book store and teach piano. Paul teaches high school. Frank is still in college.

Christian, conservative, and opinionated.

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